Published August 2012

Sixty-five year old Luna Belle Black’s coming-of-age story is an artfully woven mixture of Southern comedy, tragedy, and love.

When the widow of Blackbeard’s heir finds herself unprepared to deal with his three hundred year old estate, ancient trusts quickly unravel, leaving her exposed with nothing but a haunting curse and a band of mutineers intent on her demise.

In her world of vast riches, power, and deception, Luna Belle must navigate murky waters of modern piracy on a secreted Georgia coastal island, while fighting for her fortune, her sanity, and her life.


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When David McGukin put pen to paper for his first novel, he hit a grand slam. He writes of Luna Belle and her life of privilege as a true and beloved Southern Belle. But, with the shocking early morning intrusion of a family relation, life as she knows (past, present & future) becomes a real test of trust, loyalty and true love. Trove is a can’t put down, intelligently written book and definitely the read of the summer. Do yourself a favor and read Trove. I am anxiously awaiting David McGukin’s next delightful novel.

- Linda Bonner Aitken


Great Book! I enjoyed the trip around the south this book took me on! I know these people…by the end of the book WE ARE FAMILY!

- Lisa Travis


Not since Scarlet and Melanie have two Southern women viewed a man, life on a plantation, and the blessings of a privileged life so differently. You will enjoy Luna Belle and Polly’s points of view as the story throws you into laughter, intrigue and heart-pumping drama in David McGukin’s thrilling first novel.

- Amazon Reviewer, Fibonacci Girl


Love this book! Kept me laughing, crying, and on the edge of my seat! Love, love, love!!! Please, give us more David McGukin!!!

- Amazon Reviewer, Shoegirl


Trove is a wonderful reading experience. The story is painted with words so vibrant and descriptive, you feel as if you are there; seeing the rooms, the planation and feeling the fabric of the story wherever it carries the reader. Twisting the story so the reader laughs when crying seems more appropriate and finding the heart racing thrill in a storm. Very good read and eagerly awaiting the next book from the author!

- Amazon Reviewer, Asefs


On a remote barrier island in Georgia, ancient intrigue and modern southern charm work together in a rollicking rollercoaster ride rocketing past indescribable riches, murder, hilarity and drama in a story so exciting you’ll find it impossible to put down. Luna Belle Black is the fabulous heroine who, along with the irrepressible Polly, will steal your heart as they are entangled and untangled in unbelievable situations. The Seven Deadly Sins have never been so much fun! I loved this book! Responsibilities and sleep were pushed to the side while Trove consumed me. I cannot wait for more, please, from David McGukin.

- Amazon Reviewer, GoodStoryMonger


There’s an old saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a relative.” In Trove, the relatives just happen to be descendants of notorious 18th century pirate, Blackbeard. Now if you’re thinking this is starting to sound like Pirates of the Caribbean, think again. While every bit as engaging, this Southern yarn takes on new ground as part-thriller, part-drama, with some of the funniest scenes you’ll ever read mixed in for good measure. In Trove, David McGukin has created a world unto itself, where secrets run deep and old alliances run amok. While billed as a coming-of-age story, at sixty-five, the flamboyant Luna Belle Black is a late-bloomer. This only throws gas on the fire as you go along with Luna Belle on the ride of her life. With characters as enchanting as the scenery, and plot as thick as shrimp & grits, David McGukin’s first-time novel delivers a story of unfathomable riches and unmatched soul.

- Amazon Reviewer, Gray Hamilton


I couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait to read it again. Pirates are always fun to read about but this book puts a whole new, real world, spin on keeping it in the family. Hope there’s another story in the works!!

- Amazon Reviewer, Nikki 


Part of the richness of this well written debut novel comes from the wonderfully developed characters almost constantly faced with life altering situations. This emotion driven book caught my attention early then kept me spellbound by a gamut of feelings until the last page. It literally became difficult to put down.

Being a horse lover myself, the beautiful Andalusian horses and the way they came to life thrilled me almost as much as the incredible story of Luna Belle and Nick. Even though their relationship made my heart sing, Polly captured my fascination with her loving spirit and independent determination to live her life to the fullest.

The book was well designed inside and out. The font easily read and the quality of the printing and paper far surpassed my expectations. The author’s professional background shines through fascinating descriptions that allowed my mind to vividly see the scenes.

Honestly, it saddened me when I finished the book because I had grown so attached to my new friends, I wanted to find out more about them. I anxiously await further works by this writer.

- Amazon Reviewer, ColourMan


David McGukin’s two Southern women are hilarious! As we say in the Deep South, “He sho can turn a phrase and make you crack up!” I can’t wait for the next book ~ humor is so utterly healing. Thank you David for a spectacular read.

- Cissy Best

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